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The story of Massimo, a Man to know.

Milovan Vuk Ulic

As you read this, I hope you will soon realise just what an eclectic, lively and original man Massimo truly is.
Born in Brianza during the economic boom of a Sicilian father and a mother from Campania, our Massimo grew up in Arcore, where he spent a happy and carefree childhood.
He has many fond memories of school, and he enjoyed studying.
He was good at school, but he was also very keen to start working. "A man can achieve self-fulfilment when he has work, and be useful to both himself and the community".
So our friend Massimo Di Stefano started working at the age of sixteen, bearing his first employment card with pride.
Massimo began working for a blacksmith, and it was then when he discovered a love for manual work.

"I've always liked the idea of working with my hands, of creating something real, useful and tangible", he explained, "and working as a blacksmith allowed me to do all this".
Massimo also discovered something else he loved to do: welding.
"In those years, there was plenty of work", he continued, "those who wanted to work had no trouble finding a job".
After completing his military service, he began working in the field in which he continues to work today, that of plant engineering for the transport of technical gases and cryogenic liquids.
"I have always enjoyed preparing and installing these systems: the manual work is rewarding, and seeing systems I had set up with my own hands made me feel both useful and satisfied".

In 1986, after learning the tricks of the trade, he founded his company together with his brother-in-law. This was “Imc Impianti”, a company that they were to run for twenty years.
"In those years I worked a lot, travelled all over Italy and much of Europe, and I got to hire a number of employees".
Listening to Massimo's interesting stories, I found out that his company built the gas system used to ignite the Olympic brazier of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.
"It was an extraordinary experience, many newspapers talked about this spectacular torch, and I was delighted to have played a part in this important and innovative project. Seeing it lit was incredibly exciting".

In 2006 Massimo and his brother-in-law sold the company to a company already operating in the sector and stayed on as employees.
Meanwhile, after graduating in 2011, Massimo's son, Lorenzo, followed in his father's footsteps.
After having worked for a company in the Piacenza area, Lorenzo received a very attractive proposal from his father: that of helping his father establish a company Lorenzo could then manage himself.
This led to the birth of "DSL Impianti". It has grown exponentially since 2014, increasing its turnover and hiring new employees every year. From 2022 brand new "I.D.E.A. Gas Systems" is born.

Lorenzo has remained at the helm of the company.
"It is right that my son holds the reins of the company: he represents the future and I am happy to help him grow, and therefore gain more experience and the ability to tend to the needs of customers".
This great little company is one of the most competitive in the sector: all those who work there are precise, careful and efficient, and possess all the necessary licences and certificates. The priority is to anticipate the needs of the market and always be at the forefront with continuous training which takes into account the developments in the sector, the latest innovations, and advances in safety procedures.
Massimo told me that, in October 2017, when “DSL Impianti”, now "I.D.E.A. Gas Systems" was already prospering, he took part in the major project of setting up the systems at the Lacor Hospital in Gulu in Uganda, one of the largest in Central Africa.
This experience taught him much not only on a professional level, but also on a human level. It allowed him to learn something different, carrying out an indispensable job for a community where he was made to feel at home.
This year, during the most acute phase of the Covid-19 emergency, “DSL Impianti” took part in the construction of the “Fiera Milano” hospital, a project devoted to the treatment and hospitalisation of patients affected by Coronavirus.
“It was a valuable experience: we knew we were taking risks, but we didn't hold back, and instead dedicated ourselves body and soul to this work”, Massimo told us, not without emotion.
Father and son are hard workers, both highly committed and tireless. Their company is solid and reliable, just like them.
Expertise, diligence and reliability, this is their motto!

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